Naomi Worob

woman with hat dancing outsideNaomi Worob (Grinnell College Class of 2019, Theatre & Dance and Anthropology) writes, “Atop my head sits at least as many hats as the peddler has in Caps for Sale—student, dancer, mover, anthropologist, artist, environmentalist, musician, waitress, woman, daughter, sister, aunt, bread-baker, and cook, are a few. I see no reason why one should limit oneself to one thing—we are all so much more. Communities of belonging are what I hope to create, and whether that is accomplished through dance, anthropology, music, food—a combination of some or all of these—it doesn’t make much difference to me. Come for the class and stay for the jam; there’s bread in the oven and the soup’s almost done, so, heck, you might as well sit and stay for dinner too. Please bring your friend; everyone’s welcome.”